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How To Get Rid of Oily Hair: 11 Secrets Revealed

Hair-Care-Tips-GET-RID-OF-OILY-HAIR-1Are you on a quest to learn how to get rid of oily hair? Before going to work in the morning, you spent a lot of time in front of the mirror styling your hair. By the time you meet your friends for dinner, you’re surprised to see how greasy your hair is, as if you did not take a shower. Oily hair is due to an oily scalp. The sebaceous glands on the scalp produce oil, which is not a bad thing at all. In fact, it keeps hair protected and moisturized. For some though, there can be an overproduction of oil. As with other things, anything in excess is not good. Hyperactive sebaceous glands can be caused by genetics, diet, hygiene, and sometimes sickness. So, if you have oily hair, what are the things you can do? According to our natural hair care expert here are some tips:

1. Use shampoo specifically for oily hair

There are a lot of shampoos to choose from, but you have to get a product that targets the problem. You can also use a sulfate-free shampoo like Exonerate Gentle Shampoo. It is a moisturizing shampoo that uses organically based emulsifiers with a base of Aloe Vera gel, taking advantage of its healing and moisturizing properties. Some people with oily hair are not comfortable seeing the word “moisturizing” in a hair product, thinking they would be left with oilier hair. In reality, you still need a little moisturizer on your scalp because leaving it too dry can lead to your sebaceous glands working double time, which means secreting more oil.  Choosing the right shampoo is an important part of how to get rid of oily hair.

2. Shampoo regularly

You need to remove the build-up of oil and dirt on your scalp and hair strands. Shampooing your hair can be drying though, which can result to dry scalp. And as said earlier, this can lead to the overproduction of oil since the sebaceous glands think your scalp is dry. Therefore, it is a must to go for a gentle and moisturizing shampoo like Exonerate Gentle Shampoo. It also has a rich lather and a light, refreshing scent. Just apply one to two tablespoons to wet hair, making lather. Repeat if necessary.  Shampooing properly with the right kinds of products is a vital step in how to get rid of oily hair.

3.You can still use conditioner

If you have oily hair, it does not mean you cannot have dry ends. You can use conditioner, but do not let it touch your scalp. Apply from the middle section of the hair, all the way down to the tips. You can use the Rejuvenate Strengthening  Protein Treatment after each wash followed by the Hydrate Conditioning Treatment if you have damaged ends. On the other hand, if your hair is healthy, use the Hydrate Conditioning Treatment after each wash. Then, once or twice a month, you can use the Rejuvenate Strengthening Protein Treatment followed by the Hydrate Conditioning Treatment. Having oily hair does not mean that your hair is fully protected from harmful chemical treatments and heat styling tools. The Hydrate Conditioning Treatment restores moisture lost when you do such hair damaging activities. This treatment penetrates the hair to provide moisture within the hair shaft. The Rejuvenate Strengthening Protein Treatment rebuilds your hair structure and restores protein lost. It stops breakage, fortifies, and strengthens damaged hair.

4. Rinse thoroughly

Make sure no residue of shampoo and conditioner is left on hair, or else, this will just lead to oilier hair.  Rinsing thoroughly is an overlooked step when learning how to get rid of oily hair.

5.Do not over-brush your hair

Brushing too often will make the hair oilier. The excess oil on your scalp is distributed throughout the hair, making you look like you did not take a shower.

6.Use a dry shampoo

Always bring a dry shampoo. If your hair gets too oily anytime of the day, just spray at the roots to get rid of excess oil.

7. Skip hair serums or leave in conditioners

Serums and leave in conditioners can make your hair look shiny. If you already have oily hair, your hair would be soaking with oil by the end of the day.

8. Avoid stress

Stress can affect the hormones, which can also affect sebaceous glands or hair follicles. They can be active during these times so it is important to de-stress. Relax. Do what whatever will help you forget about the issues causing the stress. Exercises can relax the mind and body, such as yoga, Pilates, walking, and the like. Remember that living a healthy lifestyle will show up on your skin and hair.  Don’t forget this important tip when discovering how to get rid of oily hair.

9.  Eat the right kind of food

You have to avoid junk foods, like pizza, burgers, and fried food. Unhealthy fatty foods can make our sebaceous glands more active, thus making your hair oily. Choose fresh and lean foods than processed ones. Drinking vitamins, like Hairfinity hair vitamins, can also help. It is not only good for your health, but also for your skin and hair.

10. Hydrate

Drinking lots of water will not only make your body happy it will also keep your scalp healthy.

11. Try out different home remedies

Sometimes, all you need to treat your hair woes is already inside the kitchen cabinet. Here are some do it yourself solutions:

    • Vinegar. Although it does not smell good, it can greatly help because of its acidic pH. You can use white vinegar or apple cider. It can remove oils and get rid of product build up on your scalp. After shampoo, mix one cup of vinegar with one quart of water. Do not forget to rinse thoroughly. You do not want to walk outside smelling like vinegar.
    • Lemon. Another option to acidify the scalp is lemon juice. Squeeze 3 lemons and mix it with one quart of water. After shampoo, use the lemon mixture to rinse. This can also remove oil and residues.
    • Tea. It has tannic acid, which can help get rid of oil. Boil tea leaves in one glass of water. Use this mixture to rinse the hair after shampoo. Remember do not pour when boiling. Wait until the mixture becomes lukewarm. You can leave it on scalp and hair for a few minutes before rinsing it out. Clean hair with water and shampoo.
    • Beer rinse. If you noticed, alcohol can be drying on skin and the same goes for the hair. Because of the beer’s alcohol content, it can reduce the oiliness of the hair. Mix half cup of beer with a few cups of water. After shampooing, pour in beer mixture to your hair. Massage as if putting on conditioner. Leave it for a few minutes then rinse thoroughly with warm water.
    • Baking soda. Not only is it used to whiten teeth, baking soda has also been a popular hair remedy. There are a number of ways to use baking soda for the hair. You can mix it with your shampoo to remove the build-up of oil. You can also mix one tablespoon of baking soda to a cup of water. Mix it until it becomes pasty. Apply the paste on your scalp and leave it for a few minutes to effectively get rid of grease. Then, rinse out well. You can do this once or twice a week. Baking soda can also work if you ran out of dry shampoo. It absorbs excess oil on the scalp. Just put a very small amount on scalp and rub.

Do not allow your hairstyle to be ruined because of greasy hair. These quick fixes and maintenance tips will help you learn how to get rid of oily hair if you give them a try.

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