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Caring for Relaxer Burns


Every woman dreads relaxer chemical burns, and most of us have battled with a relaxer burn in our lives. Though they tend to happen frequently, relaxer chemical burns are not a normal part of chemical relaxing. In fact, a properly applied chemical relaxer should never cause a burn. Chemical burns can only occur when protective petroleum layers on the scalp are breached. When relaxer chemicals are left on the hair beyond the suggested processing times, or the scalp is not based well prior to relaxer application, scalp burns and hair breakage from over-processing will occur. When the scalp is burned, it often becomes tender. Scabs soon form, and hair can become caught within the scab and become “glued” to the scalp. So what can you do to treat chemical relaxer burns? Because the scalp skin is like other skin on the body, typical burn ointments like Neosporin will help heal and condition it. Additionally, you may apply Vitamin E oil or Aloe vera gel to the burn to calm redness and irritation. If your hair is stuck within the scab, apply petroleum jelly to help soften the scabbed skin and gently attempt to free a few strands at a time. Lastly, deep conditioning the hair will also help soften your scab so that it gently falls away.

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