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To Brush or Not to Brush

Hair-Care-BRUSH-OR-NOT-TO-BRUSH-1 A hairbrush is no longer an essential component of hair care! Many people with curly or frizzy hair find hairbrushes add unwanted volume to their hair, destroy the definition of their curls and result in ‘poufy’ unmanageable hair. Using a wide-toothed comb, fingers or a pic to comb hair is a preferable option in this case. Even straight-haired people often prefer to avoid using a hairbrush. However, knowing how to properly use a brush can preserve your hair strands and keep your hair strong and healthy. Only once your hair is detangled should you pick up a brush! Then work from the scalp in long, even strokes to catch the sebum (natural scalp oils) and distribute it down the length of the hair, where it will condition the hair shafts. However, cheaply-made bobble-tipped brushes should be avoided. The bobbles serve no purpose and in poorly-made brushes tend to split and crack away from the bristles, leaving cracks which catch and tear hair.

Of course, the best hair brushes need to be very gentle on hair. For this, choose boar bristle tufts in your hair brushes because of the shine it leaves and its natural gentleness on the cuticle of the hair. Great for all hair types; and perfect for distributing the natural oils in the hair and scalp.

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