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Hair Care Tips: 4 Things You Don’t Want To Do To Your Hair

Are you looking for hair care tips to keep your hair in tip top condition? When you turn on the television or browse through magazines, you will see that most of the models and actresses have healthy looking hair.  Their hair looks smooth, silky, and it looks great straight or with perfect bouncing waves or curls.

The hair looks great but, are we sure about that?  There aren’t any special hair perks for celebs that makes them immune to the hair woes we all suffer from.

Many of them probably have the same concerns as the rest of us. How do they maintain runway flawless and camera ready hair, when their hair is constantly being manipulated and styled?

Add in constant exposure to hair sprays, straightening irons, chemicals that curl or straighten , dyes, and its a wonder they can manage to go anywhere without a stylist in tow..

You might be guilty of few hair sins too without even realizing it. Your habits might not seem harmful at all and you may justify to yourself why you are doing them.  So let’s see the effects that some of these habits have on your hair and learn a few crucial hair care tips.

1. Skipping conditioner

Conditioning your hair has so much to do with your hair texture. When you check the label of your products, you will see that there is a list of vitamins and nutrients that your hair can get from applying it. Some conditioners feel heavy after a shower, especially if you are living in a tropical area because of its oil content.

When you don’t want to have the feeling of having heavy and oily hair, you tend to skip it without knowing what it really does for you.

Compartments in your strands of hair get clogged by dust and chemicals that you have to deal with every day. You use your shampoo to open those compartments and take out the ugly particles that get stuck in there. Your shampoo cleans your hair, but your conditioner closes those compartments.

If you don’t use a conditioner after every shampoo, you are making your hair more susceptible to harmful substances. At the same time you feel that it is rough and dry. Conditioning prevents your hair from becoming rough and dry, while nourishing your hair as well.

It is also a moisturizing agent that balances out the natural oils found on your head to promote better texture and hair growth.

2. Not getting a regular hair cut

Even if you are using the perfect products to make your hair healthy, you are still making  a mistake if you are not getting a regular trim. You may forego your regular cut with the goal of growing your hair at a faster rate. Or saving money as a haircut could be expensive. But in reality, you are increasing the amount of breakage due to split ends. Having long hair with dried ends is one of the worst things you can have.

If you are trimming your hair by yourself, use sharp scissors and not blades. Dull scissors and blades are one of the reasons why a hair strand splits. Or if you are not confident with the proper way of cutting it, by all means let a hair stylist do it for you.  Don’t forget your trims when applying these hair care tips.

3. Brushing your hair while wet

You may have heard of a classic secret which is brushing your hair at least a hundred times to make them smoother. That may be true, but certainly don’t do it while your hair is wet.

If you are washing your hair before going to work, you might be brushing your hair while it’s wet. You may notice that your hair strands seem to be elastic,  and you may see some of them already entangled in your brush. If you are able to detangle them, they won’t go back to their original shape. They are not as elastic as they seem to be.

When hair gets tangled in your brush, some people get frustrated, especially when running out of time that they tend to pull the brush with force just to detangle. This will leave your poor hair strands in a stressed state contributing to frizzy and dry hair. You might want to adjust your hair washing schedule to give enough time for proper drying and brushing.

Yes, it’s true that your hair tends to be softer when wet, so blow dry it under the cool setting before you start brushing to minimize tangling . The cool setting is important when you blow dry your hair since it does not scorch the follicles. When you use a high temperature, it’s as if your hair is being cooked with steam.

4. Not eating a healthy diet

Your hair needs protein. It is made up of collagen and protein so you shouldn’t skip  eating eggs or chicken.

Watch out for food that breaks down collagen. These foods are mostly processed ones. If possible, add detoxifying fruits and vegetables to your diet to get away from the harmful effects of processed foods.

So the golden rule is eating healthy food to get healthy hair. Do not depend on your products to do all the work for you,  they are just supplements for the nutrients that you might be missing in your diet.  However, you can supplement your diet with nutrients your hair needs via hair vitamins.  These can help fill in the gaps left by your normal diet and give you the healthy hair you desire.

Your hair is exposed to many harsh chemicals every day which can really damage it especially when you are exposed to smoke of any kind. There are many harmful substances that we can’t see either so it is important that we do our best to promote healthy hair.

Being consistent and diligent with a healthy hair routine will save you from expensive restoring and nourishing treatments. Don’t deprive yourself from gorgeous shiny hair; quit your bad habits. Be wise and be healthy!

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