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Mistakes To Avoid While Washing Your Hair

Hair-Care-Tips-MISTAKES-TO-AVOID-WASHING-HAIR-1Are you looking for tips on how to wash your hair? Who would have thought that the way you wash your hair everyday could affect the health of your hair and your overall style? Well it’s true – according to our hair care expert washing your hair is much more of a science than we thought and there are many of us out there who have been doing it wrong all along.

The most common hair blunders are revealed below, along with solutions so that we can all avoid making the same mistakes in the future!

Washing your hair every day

Stylists generally recommend washing your hair every other day as hair tends to look best when the natural oils that start on your scalp are allowed to reach the ends. If you can, waiting until the third day is even better! If you’re worried about your hair looking greasy, try spraying your roots with dry shampoo and restyle with a blow dryer.

Changing shampoos too often

While it has been said that changing your shampoo often can make your hair look healthier, it turns out that’s really not the case. In reality, your hair doesn’t know the difference between brands and doesn’t “get used to” a certain shampoo. Our hair’s texture does change with the seasons, however, so it is a good idea to use a shampoo to meet your hair’s specific needs for that particular season. Also remember to take into account what you want from your shampoo (i.e. hydrated hair, shiny hair, smooth hair etc.). If your hair is particularly oily or you use a lot of sticky, waxy styling products, it is a good idea to use a clarifying shampoo once a week.

Using too much shampoo and/or conditioner

Generally, we don’t need shampoo and conditioner from root to tip. Instead, concentrate shampoo toward the scalp and use conditioner from mid-shaft to the ends of the hair. Your roots get the greasiest and benefit the most from a strong lather. Your ends are the driest and don’t need as much shampoo to de-grease. We should only be using about a quarter-sized amount of shampoo to wash our hair. If you concentrate the shampoo on your scalp, the suds will travel down from the top of your head and reach your ends to clean them, no need for direct application of shampoo on those ends! Alternatively, apply conditioner on the bottom half of your hair, concentrating on your dry ends. Don’t apply conditioner to your roots, as you don’t want to weigh them down.  This an important part of learning how to wash your hair.

Skipping conditioner altogether

Using conditioner every time you wash your hair will help to create shinier locks. Skipping conditioner may lead to breakage as conditioner cuts down on friction and breakage when you brush your hair. You can also use conditioner to wash your hair, without using shampoo first. For hair that’s especially dry, using just a conditioner once in a while is a great alternative. Curly hair is naturally prone to dryness, so using a cleansing conditioner instead of a shampoo is a good idea to prevent build-up and overly dry strands.

Taking super-hot showers

While hot water may feel amazing on your body, it doesn’t help to create shiny, healthy hair. Warm water opens the hair’s cuticle to allow shampoo and conditioner to do their job and cold water helps to close the cuticle and seal in moisture from the conditioner. That being said, taking a warm shower is not completely disallowed, just be sure to rinse your hair with cold water once you are done to seal in your conditioner.

Rinsing your hair too much

If you have colored hair, rinsing too much can cause the color to disappear from your hair much sooner than it should. Colored hair absorbs and releases water more easily, so when the water leaves, so does some of the color. Also, stick to lukewarm or cooler water as heat can also make your color fade faster.

Brushing your hair right after you shower

Most of us tend to immediately brush our hair after the shower, when it’s soaking wet. However, hair breaks easier when it’s wet and the pulling/clawing motion from the brush will only lead to breakage in the hair. This also goes for brushing your hair while in the shower. If you really need to brush your hair in the shower, then be sure to use a wide toothed comb to minimize pulling on your hair. As an alternative, brush hair before you shower so that your hair is less tangled before shampooing and will lead to hair that is less of a knotted mess when you hop out of the shower.

Not wetting your hair enough

Most of us just aren’t getting our hair wet enough before we apply shampoo. Hair should be sopping wet so that it has time to soak up the water in the shower before we lather up. This simple step could lead to more effective daily shampooing!  Wetting your hair properly is a vital step in how to wash your hair.

Using dry shampoo the morning of

This one may not be as obvious to most of us. Instead of using dry shampoo the morning you need it (i.e. after the second or third day with no washing), apply the dry shampoo the night before. Sleeping in the dry shampoo will help to create volume and will give the product time to settle in so that you can avoid the telltale powdery residue.

Using a silicone-based shampoo

While you may have heard that silicone-based shampoos are great for making your hair silky smooth, they can in fact dry your hair out over time by preventing moisture from getting in. It’s fine to use silicone-based hair products, just make sure that your shampoo can wash them out and that it isn’t silicone-based itself.

Causing too much friction

It may seem like a good idea to rub the shampoo vigorously into your locks for maximum absorption but doing so can actually damage your hair. Instead of rubbing your strands between your hands, focus on using your fingertips to massage shampoo into the scalp.  Apply this tip on your quest to learning how to wash your hair.

Repeating unnecessarily

The bottle may say lather, rinse, repeat but it isn’t actually necessary. When it comes to shampooing, once is really enough. Lathering up more than once can lead to unwanted product buildup and can even lead to drier hair. Directions like that were meant for women who only washed their hair once a week at the most.

Drying your hair with a towel

You may already know that rubbing your hair with a towel after showering can cause split ends and breakage. But how else are we supposed to dry our hair? The solution: Dry your hair with a simple cotton t-shirt. The smoothness of the t-shirt causes less friction when drying your hair and will therefore lead to less frizz. To use: squeeze sections of your hair with the t-shirt, then flip your head over and wrap the t-shirt turban style, leaving it like that for 5 to 10 minutes. Unwrap, apply any needed hair products and style as usual.

Washing our hair correctly can make the world of difference in our hair-care routine. Beautiful hair starts in the shower and with these thirteen tips above, you can be sure to avoid any crucial mistakes that might get in your way.

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