Stop Hair Breakage

Are you suffering from hair breakage? Hair Breakage limits your hair growth because you are not able to retain your length. Most of the time hair breaks near the ends, but sometimes hair breakage can occur closer to the scalp as well.

To determine if your hair is breaking, look at the tips of the hairs that have fallen from your head. If the root or bulb is still attached, then the hair loss is the result of shedding. However, if there is no root attached, the hair is broken. For hair loss due to shedding see Stop Hair Shedding.

To prevent hair breakage, you will need to use a combination of products to rebuild hair strength as well as to maintain moisture levels. Hair strength comes from protein. Hair loses protein during chemical treatments and heat styling. You need to use protein treatments to replenish this lost protein to keep your hair strong. Essentious Rejuvenate is a protein treatment designed to do just this. It is a natural hair product free of mineral oil, petroleum, sulfates, parabens, and silicones.

To reduce hair breakage, you should also:

Use moisture treatments such as Essentious Hydrate to keep hair from becoming dry and breakaing.

Wear hair in protective styles such as buns and french twists to reduce breakage at the ends.

Use a wide tooth comb.

Sleep on a satin pillowcase or wrap hair with a satin scarf at night.

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