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Will your sulfate free shampoo clean my hair?

Yes, our shampoo uses a gentle surfactant with a base of Aloe Vera gel, taking advantage of its healing and moisturizing. It will cleanse the hair without stripping it or causing dryness.


Can I Use Natural Hair Care Products if My Hair is Chemically Processed?

Yes. If your hair is chemically processed, it has already been compromised and stripped of moisture and protein. It is important that you use a gentle shampoo to help keep the hair from further damage, a moisturizing conditioner to replenish and nourish, and a strengthening treatment to reinforce weak strands.


Will these products make my hair grow faster?

No. Our products are gentle, and reduce breakage caused by dryness and damage. The fact that your hair is breaking less will make it seem to grow faster. To help improve your hair from the inside, try Hairfinity Hair Vitamins.


Are ESSENTIOUS Hair Products suitable for all hair types?

ESSENTIOUS products are formulated to work on all hair types and are safe for color-treated hair.

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