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Become an Essentious Influencer

Do you have what it takes to become a Hairfinity Influencer? We are looking for beauty enthusiasts, lifestyle Instagrammers, and inspirational people – just like you! Sign up below and we will contact you soon.

1Tell Us About Yourself




2Product Information


  Hairfinity   Dermera   Essentious   Infinite Lash


3Tell us about your skin and hair


  Dry  Oily  Curly  Straight




  Damaged  Dandruff  Dull  Frizzy

  Relaxed/Chemically Treated


  Split Ends



  Dry  Oily  Sensitive  Combination

  Acne Prone

  Age Spots


  Deep Wrinkles
  Fine Lines  Hyperpigmentation  Large Pores  Rosacea



4Tell us about your online presence


  Business  Entertainment  Fashion
  Food  Health  Other


5Tell us about your social media presence








Other social media platforms:





  I do not use social media


6Please indicate the degree to which you agree with each of the following statements:

(4=Strongly agree; 3=Somewhat agree; 2=Somewhat disagree; 1=Strongly disagree)

  1   2   3   4

  1   2   3   4


  1   2   3   4


  1   2   3   4


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