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Party Hairstyles: 4 Party Perfect Hair Ideas

Hair-Care-Tips-PARTY-HAIRSTYLES-1Party Hairstyles #1: Loose Waves

The perfect anytime hair style with its ‘I woke up like this’ air of perfection is a favorite of women everywhere. Great for parties, days off, or drinks with the girls this style looks like it would be easier to achieve than it actually is.  Before starting this style you need to decide on 2 things: first, where you want your part to be and second, whether you want curls through the ends of your hair or throughout the middle and into the ends. The first is done with a classic curling iron and the second is with a straightening iron or curling wand.

What you will need:

Texturizing Spray, 1-1.5 inch curling iron or curling wand (depending on the style of waves desired) or straightening iron, and shine oil or glossing cream. Also a comb or small-medium sized brush.

Part your hair wherever you like, scoop up your hair horizontally from ear to ear and secure the top section with a clip.  Working in 1-2 inch sections, depending on the thickness of your hair (the thicker your hair the smaller the section) curl each section away from your face working your way from one side to the other. Once finished, spray with a light mist of texturizing spray, then section off another chunk of hair from left temple to right temple. Repeat previous steps until the entire head is done. Run your fingers through the curls a few times and finish the ends off with the shine oil or glossing cream. The point of this style is to have carefree waves that look slightly un-done, so you’re not looking for uniform perfection here, which is great news for us regular folk!

Party Hairstyles #2: Bouncy Layers

This hairstyle works well for medium to long hair in a variety of thicknesses. Delivering big bouncy voluminous hair to those of us who may not have it naturally! This style is a favorite of the salon blow out set, red carpet beauties and all those Victoria Secret models. It’s also surprisingly easy to achieve.

What you will need:

Hot rollers, or a 2 inch curling iron. You can also use Velcro rollers or if you have a lot of wrist and arm strength you can do this with a round brush while blow drying your hair.  A mousse of some kind, preferably a volumizing one and a finishing spray or light hold hairspray.

Part your hair where ever you choose, and section it off into 2 vertical sections in the front and 2 horizontal sections in the back. Work in a small amount of mousse into dry hair (if using hot rollers, curling iron or Velcro rollers on dry hair, and work in mousse on damp hair if using a blow dryer and round brush).  Using 1 inch sections of hair and starting at the top of the front section, roll in each hot roller horizontally. Work your way through each section of hair the same way and finish off with a spritz of hair spray. Once cool, take out each roller and either finger comb for chunkier waves or brush through for softer waves. Finish off with a spritz of hairspray all over.

Party Hairstyles #3: Voluminous Side Swept Ponytail

This style has been a staple on the red carpet the last few seasons and rightfully so; it’s easily achieved on medium to long hair no matter the texture or thickness. It can also be done when going from work to drink or an office party! If going right from the office, start off with the Loose Waves style listed above and just bring an elastic plus a few bobby pins in your matching hair color. If starting from scratch see the instructions below.

What you will need:

A clear elastic band, a few bobby pins in your hair color, texturizing spray and mousse, glossing cream and a straightening iron or curling wand.

Start off by sectioning your hair a la the Loose Waves style, working a volumizing mousse into each section, and taking 1 inch sections at a time curling with a straightening iron or curling wand away from your face.  Repeat through each section and gather your hair to your preferred side in a low ponytail, secure with the elastic band.  Wrap a small section of hair around the elastic and secure with a bobby pin or two. This style is also one that looks better slightly un-done and can be achieved by spraying the tail with a little texturizing spray and pulling the curls a part with your fingers. If you prefer a sleeker version of this style you can brush out the curls for more softness and apply a glossing cream to the ends.

Party Hairstyles #4: Retro Glam Waves

Think Kim K, Ava Gardner, and Reese Witherspoon at last year’s Oscar’s.  Nothing beats a glam Old Hollywood wave for any kind of party but particularly a holiday party as you have an excuse to add a little bling.  This look combines volume and a soft textured wave so it literally works for all hair types and lengths, long, medium, short, thin hair or thick the only thing that varies with this style is the length of time it takes to style which depends on your length and thickness of hair.

What you will need:

1-2 inch curling iron or curling wand, Velcro rollers or straight hair clips, glossing cream and texturizing spray or a medium to strong hold hairspray.

This style looks best with a deep side part so pick your side and draw a straight part.  If using the Velcro rollers, take 1 -2 inch sections from the front (starting on either side of the part) spray with some hairspray or texturizing spray and roll onto the Velcro roller. Repeat these steps on either side of your part with just the front sections of hair. Once done, give everything a spray with hairspray and leave for 20 minutes. Remove Velcro rollers and using your curling iron or wand curl small sections of your hair towards your face making sure to hold the curling iron as vertical as possible throughout the curling process. Once you get to the front sections that were in the rollers, curl the same as the rest but holding them on the curler for a little longer to get a more defined curl. Once the entire head is curled you will have some serious ringlets on your hands, fret not, the next step is to brush everything out from underneath (this is to keep the direction of the curls the same) smooth on a little glossing cream throughout the middle and into the ends of your hair to finish it off.

These 4 party hairstyles will not only take you through the entire holiday season but also into any occasion where you want a little bit of glam, office parties, date nights, drinks with the girls or birthday parties; maybe they will even turn up in your day to day styling routine!  It’s always good to have a few fall back party hairstyles for those un-expected events and while it would be nice to have our own personal glam squad our natural hair care expert says there is something to be said for a woman with a few tricks up her sleeve.

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