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Seamless Combs for Healthier Hair


Take your comb and inspect the teeth. Is there a line down the middle? If you can’t see it, can you feel a raised edge in the middle? That’s the seam. With every pass of that comb through your hair the seams can catch and snag on the hair causing splits and breakage. If you’re having a problem with split ends that seem to appear from nowhere you might benefit from investing in a seamless comb. Not only does it help detangle hair, but it prevents damage to the cuticles that cause mid shaft splits as well. Regular combs have seams that wreak havoc on your hair strands causing both mid-shaft splits and split ends. So don’t put in all the hard work to grow long, healthy hair only to have it compromised with the wrong equipment!  Sure! They are more expensive than regular combs as they are often handmade. But isn’t your hair worth this small investment for a lifetime of reward?

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