Women's Hair Shedding

Hair shedding is a natural, ongoing process for both men and women, but may be more frequent in women due to the variety of potential causes of shedding. For example, women who eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in red meat or protein may notice increased hair shedding, because decreased amounts of iron. Additionally, hormonal imbalances, such as those associated with an overactive or underactive thyroid or pregnancy may cause hair shedding in women. Also, because birth control pills also regulate hormone levels in the body, stopping the use of birth control pills may trigger a bout of hair shedding months later. Furthermore, women who have undergone surgery or significant illness may notice an increase in hair shedding 3-4 months after the event. Lastly, various chemical salon treatments like relaxers, hair colors and perms can trigger shedding in some women. Still, women who notice significant shedding for a period of time that is not followed by new hair growth should consult with a health care provider for a professional diagnosis and possible treatment options.

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